Buying A Home

How do I buy a home?

Step 1. Are You Ready To Buy A Home?

Buying a home is one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions you'll ever make. Prepare by learning about the process of home buying and the responsibilities of homeownership.

Step 2. Are You Financially Ready?

This step guides you through some simple calculations to figure out your current financial situation, and the maximum home price that you should consider.


Step 3. Which Home is Right for You?

Once you have a good idea about your finances, you’ll need to think clearly about the home you’d like to buy.


Step 4. The Buying Process?

Before you start searching for a home you need to think about your current and future housing needs and what characteristics are important to you in a home.


Step 5. What Professionals Should You Call On?

Practical advice for homeowners on their financial responsibilities as well as the importance of home maintenance and renovations.


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